Selling a home in Switzerland

What to watch out for

  • Frustration with agents who are not pro-active and customer focused.
  • Poorly presented properties with unfavorable photos and bad exposure.
  • The hassle of managing multiple agents with conflicting agendas.
  • Poorly coordinated visits between agents who do not collaborate.
  • Lingering months and months on the market without a real strategy.

With Paretocheckmark3

  • Highly focused, pro-active agents who make selling your home their priority.
  • Professional home staging techniques to make the property look its best.
  • Your Pareto agent will do all of the paperwork necessary for you, no hassle.
  • We organize effective, well planned open house visits that draw the right clients to your home.
  • Extensive knowledge of current laws and local customs.
selling home switzerland

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